The North and West London Journal of General Practice (TNWLJGP)
The North and West London Journal of General Practice (TNWLJGP)

The North and West London Journal of General Practice (TNWLJGP)

The North and West London Journal of General Practice (TNWLJGP) is the Official General Practice and Primary Care Journal for the North and West London (NWL) Joint General Practice Projects Group of the Community Development Foundation Group (CDFG).  The production of the journal was approved by the Committees of CDFG during their meeting of 31 December 2008.  This stemmed from the fact that advances in medical practice and education have been progressing swiftly worldwide, and have resulted that more services and healthcare programmes, including education being undertake in general practice and primary care in the community.  These in turn have changed the roles of General Practitioners (GPs), as they are now being called upon to undertake research and education in the community settings.  These then resulted in production of research and educational materials for publications in order to publicise the various activities.  This is particularly so, as CDFG has been sponsoring so many research and education projects  in primary care in the North West London area for decades, and has an established research and education team in the area of North West London, UK.  Hence the demand for the Journal has been gathering pace over the years, the production of the Journal was approved and the journal was launched in December 2009 following registration of the ISSN by the British Library.


Its first edition was published in December 2009.  Since its publication, the Journal has expanded in its content and circulation, and it is now distributed in over 280 countries and territories globally.


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The North and West London Journal of General Practice (TNWLJGP)


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